Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hayes: 4 months

4 months has come and gone and we still love this cute little bug. 
He's growing strong and healthy and we couldn't be more grateful. 
At his 4 month check up he was in the 80th% for height and 14.13lbs. 34% for weight. His head is measuring off the charts...poor little we have to go back in a month to measure again to track it and make sure we don't need to do an ultrasound. 
Other than that he is right on developmentally! He started rolling a couple of weeks ago...Mason loves Hayes' "new trick". He can sit in the bumbo...has started reaching for toys, our faces, his toes (he loves them), he even gets frustrated when he can fit the entire toy in his mouth. He's getting feisty this one. He wiggles his toes when he eats and his hands (since birth) are always up by his face in the prayer pose.
He sleeps from about 8pm-6:30am to eat and then back asleep until 8. 
He wears 3-6 month, or 6 month clothing. He giggles constantly and is ALWAYS smiling. 
He's the sweetest little guy....we just love him to pieces. 

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Nic Hance said...

What a doll baby! My 22 month old has ALWAYS measured off the charts when it comes to head size - we always joke it means she has big brains! :) She's just fine and IS very smart. I'm sure that's the case with Hayes, too.


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